Monday, May 21, 2007

Starting Over?

So I'm still working on the dress from hell. Everyone who has witnessed the pained expression on my face as I knit this dress for my darling daughter has told me to stop, make the dress a cute babydoll top, and move on. I've compromised: I am working on other projects, but I am still determined to finish this stupid dress.

But on Saturday, as I got the yarn for my new project (Fitted Knits wraparound sweater), I couldn't help but notice how happy I was as I began to start a new project...even though I had unfinished business in my wake.

And at the risk of sounding too deep (which I NEVER want to do), I think that the joy I find in starting a brand new project mirrors my enthusiasm at having some sort of change in my life: I am a thirtysomething. soontobeexwife, and motheroftwokids. I don't get many
"do-overs," so when the opportunity presents itself, I leap at it. There's something WONDERFUL about starting the new project, with the new yarn, and the new pattern. Continuing to work on the old project to the exclusion of the new projects is what got you in this boat in the first place.

can anyone relate????


Mary said...

PLUS we haven't had an opportunity to screw up a new project yet. Everything is new and full of possibilities and we're an incredibly gifted knitter in this new project fantasy world.

Evelyn said...

Nice to run across another Los Angeles knitter. I live south of LAX, and am also a newish knitter, also obsessed. I have had actual dreams about knitting. I mean while I am asleep! Drop by and say hello.

Mary said...

Nice links!