Monday, July 30, 2007

A Yarn Tasting

So, what's new with you?

A couple of weeks ago, LAWoman and I went to a "yarn tasting" at a knit store other than my LYS. I must say that I felt like she and I stuck out like herpes. Every yarn store attracts a certain clientele and that shop didn't attract clientele like LAWoman and me. I felt very uncomfortable. But not uncomfortable enough to leave. Or to avoid spending money on yarn that I don't need for a project I won't be able to start until sometime in 2010. Or to resist spending TEN FRICKIN' DOLLARS on a Lantern Moon tape measure (for the record, it really is has a cake crocheted over the thing and you press the button on the bottom to retract it...well, you've just got to see it). All I can say is that I am unlikely to cheat on my LYS again. Those are my people.

I am finding that I don't have enough time to knit and it's making me a bit twitchy. I am tired. ALL THE TIME. I think about my pretty wrap sweater from Fitted Knits and how much I'd like to be working on it rather than avoiding starting my workday (now, I am sure that you would like to see this WIP, right? Yeah, well, my digital camera has resigned from its position with me (read, it doesn't fucking work anymore) so I have to buy a new one). I keep skulking on yarn/knitting websites getting my fix of knitting porn. I'm still not satisfied. It's like I'm getting all the buildup with no badabing at the end, you know?

More than anything, I'm a little bored and a little lonely. I try to remind myself that "kisses aren't contracts" and "company doesn't mean security," and I'm desperately trying to "decorate my own soul" (just read that poem "Comes the Dawn") but right now those platitudes just sound hollow. Am I destined to be the lady who lives ALONE in the house covered with laundry (dirty and clean), knitting afghans in front of reality television? I hope not.

But with each passing day, I'm losing hope.