Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Am I Done Yet?

I love knitting. When I'm not knitting, I'm thinking about when I will be able to knit. I dream about knitting. I'm obsessed with knitting. And, with the exception of my darling children, knitting is my favorite thing in the world (and, as an added bonus, my knitting never whines, hits my other knitting projects for no reason, throws food on the floor, or draws on the walls).

Anyway, have any of you experienced what I call "knitting malaise?"

I'm working on this baby dress. I got some beautiful yarn for the project: Rowan Handknit DK Cotton. It's bright pink, which is going to look terrific on my gorgeous daughter. I LOVE pink - I never get sick of looking at it. The pattern is so cute: feather and fan skirt, picot edged sleeves.

Yum. You knit it from the top down on circular needles. It's supposed to knit up quickly and you can actually see your knitting becoming a dress! And, because it knits up quickly and my daughter is growing quickly, I decided not to work on any other projects while I'm working on this one. That's how dedicated I am to completing this project.

Am I done yet?

I've worked on this dress forever. For at least the past two weeks, anyway.

I have so many other things I want to be working on - do I really have to work on this project to the exclusion of my other 7 projects?

And did I tell you how loud this yarn is? Pink is an understatement: this looks like Pepto Bismol. My poor daughter is going to be laughed at.

The pattern was way cuter than the way the dress is actually coming out.

I am sick of looking at this project.

And my daughter will only wear it for a spit second before it's too small.

That's the malaise. When I feel myself beginning to think that way, I try to make my fingers go faster. I put those negative thoughts out of my head and imagine how cute my daughter is going to look, however briefly, in the dress. And the color is going to be terrific on her, and I love little girls in bright colors. Plus, it's cotton, so when she spills something on it, I can just wash it! These thoughts make me go faster, and faster, and faster! Slip 1, Knit 1, PSSO...I am so fast! I am a master knitter! I am amazing - everyone is going to see this dress and demand that I make one for the little girls in their lives. And that will be fine because I can make them so quickly! They will pay me to make these dresses. And they'll tell a friend about my knitting, and that friend will tell a friend, and so on, and so on, and so on. Yea, me! I can go at the speed of lightning when I think this way.

Except I was so super fast that I skipped over various parts of the pattern. I don't have feather or fan. I have a big mess.
Which is why I will have to rip this sucker out...again. Yeah, I am a master knitter.


Am I done yet?


Mary said...

OK Master Knitter, riddle me this: In the Mason-Dixon Ballband dishcloth pattern on Row 3 it says Join B, k4, slip 1 purlwise etc., etc.

What does that mean?

And did you spill something on the impossible-to-knit dress?

Andrea said...

Knitting vernacular is maddening. Join B = join the second color, knit 4, slip 1 purlwise = you slip the stitch onto the other needle without knitting it. Slipping purlwise means that you slip it by sticking the needle in the other stitch in the same direction as if you were going to purl the stitch. Got it? When they say, "Use A," the designer means use the first color.

Look on page 154 of the book: the authors list most of their abbreviations. Also, The Knitting Answer Book is also fantastic -- I used it a LOT last night.

Mary said...

hahaha @ "don't you wish your girlfriend could knit like me?" Oh that is so good!